‘Stonroy’ Colin, Jean and Ben Teek

Ben Teek and his partner Ninon run the property ‘Stonroy’ which is located on the lush creek flats of Noorongong in the lower Mitta Valley. They took over the property from Ben’s parents Colin and Jean Teek, inheriting their beautiful herd of poll Hereford cattle, that have been bred there for over thirty years. They have been selecting bulls of quiet temperament, and positive carcass traits like intramuscular fat and eye muscle area, to yield top quality beef.

Continuing Colin’s philosophy of sustainability they stock moderately and regularly apply natural fertiliser in the form of lime and soft Rock phosphate. This delivers healthy soil, pasture and cattle, allowing them to produce prime pasture fattened beef.

Ben and Ninon love being a part of the Co-op, as it means their premium beef can be sold directly to appreciative customers.