RN & LM Bethune

Robert & Louise Bethune are proud suppliers of Hereford cattle to Mitta Valley Beef and are delighted to be part of the group. They have been breeding EU accredited Hereford cattle at “Watchingorra”, their Callaghan Creek property since 1996. Hereford Stud Bulls that have been used in their herd over the years include South Boorook, Dunoon, Yaven Vale, Mawarra, Glenellerslie and Newcomen. Three years ago they were fortunate enough to purchase a second property on the Mitta River, which was originally settled by Rob’s grandfather, Jack Scales around 100 years ago and where Rob’s Mum Mary was born and raised. Rob & Lou named the property “Magorra”, as it sits nestled below Magorra Gap on the Dartmouth Rd. “Magorra” consists mainly of prime Mitta River flats and Rob & Lou have spent a lot of time and effort improving the property with new fencing into smaller paddocks for cell grazing, tree planting for cattle shelter and an ongoing pasture improvement program. The property is now set up as an attractive and efficient operation for fattening of their younger cattle.