Alan and Karen Rankin have been producing EU Accredited pure bred Angus cattle for the past 14 years on their properties at Yabba Road, Tallandoon. All the cattle are grass fed and supplemented in the winter with hay grown on the property. No external feed is brought in. The paddocks are mainly fertilised using biological stimulants which naturally grows lush and nutritional pastures. Alan and Karen are active members of Mitta Valley Landcare and have planted many shade and shelter belts on the property to enhance the comfort of the cattle while providing a natural habitat for the diverse bird life in the area. The cattle graze on 63 paddocks in a rotational grazing system. As they are moved frequently so they just follow you to the next paddock, no stress and clean paddocks all year round. Our aim is to rear calm, healthy and happy cattle. The calves are weaned at nine months old and are moved to the lush river flats along the banks of the Mitta River in Summer, where they bask in the shade and natural air conditioning of the Mitta River.