Our Vision

A successful Co-op that supports thriving, sustainable and profitable agricultural enterprises in the Mitta Valley, and that is part of a healthy Mitta Valley community and landscape.

Who we are

We are a group of farming families in the Mitta Valley in North-East Victoria. In 2017 we decided to take control of marketing and selling our beef to obtain a fairer price. So we formed the Mitta Valley Farmers Coop. Mitta Valley Beef Coop is the trading name under which we sell our beef. The Co-op is run and owned by the farmers with all benefits going to members. Our farms are located throughout the Mitta Valley, a pristine valley under the Victoria High Country. With high rainfall, fertile soils and nestled under the Australian Alps, our landscapes produce beef, dairy and other agricultural produce that is second to none. Any beef sold by the Co-op has to meet strict quality guidelines. It must be grass fed with hay and silage being allowed during periods of low pasture supply. The animals also must not be treated with Hormone Growth Promotants. Our members are also part of the local Landcare network. We strongly support farming that supports the environment as well as helping rural communities to thrive.

Our Formation Meeting

February 4, 2018, Dart Pub, Dartmouth