Grass Fed Beef

What we feed cows has a major effect on the nutrient composition of the beef.

Grass-fed beef has less fat when compared to beef produced from grain-fed cattle. The meat has less fat cover, less marbling and is leaner. Grass feed beef is generally considered to be more flavoursome.

Beef has 13 essential nutrients including iron for energy, protein for strength and zinc for brainpower! Beef also has other nutrients including omega-3s, B vitamins, selenium and vitamin D.  Grass fed beef has a higher level of beneficial Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids than grain fed beef.

Our grass feed cows receive fresh water, shade trees to shelter under and keep cool and natural pastures to graze on.

Supplier Specifications

All our supplies have agreed on the following specifications so we can guarantee the quality of the meat we are selling:

  • All cattle are British or European Breeds
  • No HGP’s (Hormonal Growth Promotants) are to be administered to the cattle
  • Grass Fed only hay and silage can be supplemented
  • Milk teeth under 2 years of age
  • all members are LPA Accredited (Livestock Production Assurance); and
  • all our suppliers are members of the local Landcare group

The animals are hand picked each week to assure they have a good fat cover and are at the right weight to produce the perfect mouth watering meat.

The Meat Cuts App is the app for information about beef, lambs and goat cuts that provides you with information about where individual cuts come from, their characteristics, cooking methods and recipe. It is available both on iPhone and Google Play.

The overview of beef cuts diagram that helps to explain what they are in your box.
Number Australian Beef Cuts What’s in the box
1 Beef Shin Osso Bucco
2 Beef Silverside/Topside Topside Roasts
3 Beef Knuckle Round Steak/Schnitzels
4 Beef Rump Rump Steak/Roasts
7 Beef Striploin Porterhouse
8 Beef Cube Roll Eye Fillet
9 Beef Blade/Chuck Oyster Blade, Blade Steak/Roasts
11 Beef Other Mince and Sausages