Banimboola Pastoral

Mitta Valley Beef provides discerning customers with quality, ethically farm grown meat. All our cattle are pure-bred Herefords and are fully grass fed. Some supplementary feeding occurs over winter, but only farm grown high-quality hay is fed out.

Banimboola means “thunder and lightning” according to the local Aboriginal tribes, who travelled through the area each year to celebrate the migration of the Bogong Moth.

The Scales Family

John Scales is a fifth generation beef farmer from the beautiful Mitta Valley, in North East Victoria. The Scales’ 300 Hereford cows graze on native grasses in bush leases as well as improved rye and clover pastures. Banimboola is surrounded on three sides by state forest, offering natural protection for cows and calves in often harsh weather conditions. We have recently moved to a natural based fertiliser program. We are active members of the Mitta Valley Landcare Group. John has also been instrumental in organising a ” Growing Better Grass Group ” in the Mitta Valley, aiming at improving pasture to carry more stock and allow the Valley to be more sustainable.

” We are all about encouraging our children to move back to the Valley to live and work, says wife Robyn, who owns and manages the Dartmouth Motor Inn. ” Eleven years ago, the family also purchased the local hotel with another couple, and our son Aaron and his family moved back to the Mitta valley too.

Our Calves

Our calves are weaned at about 7 – 9 months, depending on the season, and are fattened on the lush Mitta River flats at Mitta North. John has recently purchased this property in conjunction with his daughter Ebony and son in law, Tim Glass.

Over 80% of the beef in supermarkets comes from cattle that have been fattened on grain in a feedlot. Cattle become unnecessarily stressed and are subjected to unnatural, often unethical conditions when herded together in a feedlot. A trip to a feedlot several years ago convinced us that 100% grass fed beef was the way to go.