Premium locally grown produce
Locally grown in the lush pastures of the beautiful Mitta Valley and;
100% grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free
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Flat river plains and towering mountains, pristine water and lush grasses. The echoing bellow of a lone cow as the fog lifts and the morning sunlight filters down through the river red gums as our valley slowly comes to life.

Our serene Mitta Valley is nestled under the Australian Alps where our farms change with the seasons. Our high rainfall and fertile soils allow us to grow and rear premium produce. We’re like an extended family, supporting each other to create a thriving and sustainable community. We set up the Mitta Valley Farmer’s Co-op as we’re proud of our produce and want to showcase where it comes from, how it was grown and why it tastes so unique and delicious.

We’re a true provenance brand. All our produce must come from the Mitta Valley catchment and meet our stringent quality controls. We know how special our environment here is and we continually strive to improve it as we want our next generation to receive our farms in a better condition than what we started with. We partner with butchers and retailers that have the same values as we do, believing that spending time and care to create premium produce is worth it.

So for fresh, quality and traceable produce, look for the Mitta Valley brand – it’s more than just food.

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